Emily CG
Temple, NH

Bio: Everyone has a childhood hero. Mine just so happened to be a sandwich. Truth be told, I had several "on-screen" celebrity heroes, a smathering of real people to look up to, and of course, like every little girl, one character from a book whom I dreamed of becoming as famous as. She's quirky, original, and slightly less intelligent than the average bear, "Amelia Bedelia". Perhaps it was her strength and perseverance, despite being made a mockery of in all of the stories written about her. Perhaps it was her commitment to try anything, even if she was not 100% sure how to do it. I liked her and felt like we were friends in my own imagination-laden head. I am bringing back her zeal and passion to devour and conquer the various challenges in this modern life, and share my experiences with you, my loyal, and hopefully amused reader.

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