I’m Not Who You Think I Am

What if you could hear everything that goes on inside ofGoogly Eyes my brain all the time? All the things that make me who I am at my core, but are truly hidden from the public (and private) at large. The question of being “true to yourself” has been lingering in my mind lately, am I the person on the outside that I think and feel I am on the inside? If I took away the boundaries I’ve set up for myself, would it surprise, impress, frighten, or entice you?

In a relationship, are we better off “baring all” or keeping much to ourselves for inner contemplation? Does the air of mystery fade no matter what unless you keep moving on and re-creating a mystery anew?

When I’m feeling judgemental towards myself and decide it’s a good idea to get up close and personal with a mirror or bathroom scale, I find that often every mirror and scale are vastly different from one another. I can never get an accurate read, I just have to succumb to judging myself via what is going on inside of me. Human beings are in a way, like this mirror. Always reflecting a slightly different part of ourselves but never the whole.

I want to be who you think I am, I want to be who I’ve told you I am. But I also wish I never told you any of that, so that I could just be myself.


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