Summer Lovin’

Summer really does go by in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it? It’s already July 23rd! This past week, I had three days off (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday). Naturally, when Wednesday came around, I should’ve been well-rested, well-fed, one with nature, and the very essence of relaxed. However, that did not quite happen. Everyday felt like a mad dash to accomplish, achieve, get to the finish line, and in record time at that. Everything I was doing looked, to the everyday observer like a magical adventure but I realized that sometimes the greatest adventures, the deepest connections, and the most memorable moments happen when you’re just a “stone’s throw away”.

First I drove to the Mountains…

After an action-packed Friday involving working at the farm, and meeting with a man about a horse, I hopped in my car and drove myself to the Catskills, in New York to visit my friend, Colleen. She is doing a Plant Medicine training and needed me to be the guinea pig. I figured, what the heck, a day in the sun in the mountains of New York, walking along the river, and then ingesting some plants to heal me of all my ailments…what could be better!? As soon as I arrived, a wave of homesickness overcame me and I wanted to cry and run back to New Hampshire! My darling love was home babysitting his nephew, who I would’ve loved to watch along with him, and I really missed them both so very much. I also wanted the chocolate waffles that he made for him, which I somehow never get as MY weekend breakfast! Desmond It didn’t help that I was five hours away, I didn’t know anyone, I was scared to walk outside by myself because I didn’t want to be on the next “Disappeared”, and the food was not as tasty as the resort spa food I was expecting.  Thank goodness I came equipped with rice cakes…

I also thought I was going to be stuck there forever because my bank account had spontaneously combusted the day before causing my debit card to malfunction, and I was low on cash. After my friend presented her client (me), I sped home, hoping to duck under all police radars and dove into my warm cozy bed. It’s one of those experiences that was not at all what you thought, you don’t entirely regret it, but you are so happy to be home, it’s silly.


My Second Adventure…

After a semi-relaxing Sunday, in which I spent unraveling my driving muscles, and dodging killer bees on a hiking trail, I embarked on my second journey of the vacation….a place you can never go wrong….the beach!!! I went with an old high school friend that I have been catching up with, and the whole crew, kids, moms, aunts, nieces, nephews, you get the idea….

The journey from doorstep to beach lasted from 10:30 AM to about 2:30 PM. And in case you’re wondering, yes, we did go to the beach in Timbuktoo. I prefer that one over the one in Kalamazoo because the water is warmer. After a car ride that may as well have been to China, we dove into the waves and enjoyed the sunshine and then drove home. I was busy daydreaming about my new bed, which I did not get to until about 10:00 PM. In case you’re not aware, I am the kind of person that wants every step of my day to be planned, and ideally get me to the point where I am eating dinner by 6:30 PM and in bed by 9:30 PM. Needless to say, this mission was NOT accomplished on Monday. Was it worth it? Yes, I think it was very very worth it. Cause look how sexy we look in our bikinis! Who wouldn’t want to flaunt this?! Beach

The Errand-Packed Day

A day in the life of normalcy was on the docket for Tuesday, working on the farm, stuffing my face with berries, walking with a friend, going to the laundry mat, and of course getting my ducks all in a row to plunge back into the workplace on Wednesday…

The day went sort of as planned, but was more of a mad dash to complete everything before five o’clock. When all was said and done, and I was finally ready to relax….I shut the cabinet that holds the sheets, food processor, pillow cases, and wine glasses (we have a small house and storage options are efficient and well, limited), and I hear my most loathed and dreaded sound, shattering glass. Yup, Emily has just broken the second of the pair of sentimental martini glasses that belong to her boyfriend. Had this been the first, I may have remained calm. Had this been the only glass I’d broken, the only chopstick I Wine and Martini Glassdropped down the porch cracks, the only playing card that I plunked into the water, and the only oil splatter I had ever gotten on the futon, I wouldn’t have minded….but I’m a constant hazard to anything nice, including people. To solve the problem, I decided to go out right there and then and purchase a new martini glass PAIR. I searched two stores and turned up empty, and then I finally came across one at a small, kitchen supply store in town. The glasses were two different prices, and when I inquired of the cashier why this was the case she said, “Oh, you understand how retail is…things come in at different times and we can’t run around re-pricing everything.” I was a little awestruck and appalled, so I kept my mouth shut, well it was dropped open in disbelief, but at least I didn’t make any wise retorts, per my usual modus operandi. I can’t name the cashier, nor the location, for preservation of privacy. Anyway, after spending an arm on one, and just a leg on the other glass, I drove home, made the most Farmdelicious dinner with my FRESH, Organic farm produce, arranged my beautiful, freshly picked flowers, and thanked every fiber of my being, every lucky star I ever had, every ounce of everything to thank, that I was HOME and able to relax!

Then I went to bed and woke up at 5 and the rat race begins again. Who knew you coulBuffd have a case of the Mondays on a Wednesday!?!? You can just start calling me Wonderwoman from now on…..