Be Careful What you Wish For


I have had a lot of wishes come true in the past several years. A LOT of wishes. I’m convinced that the fact that true love exists in my life right now is because of all the hard core wishing I did when the clock struck 11:11. But I have a wish right now that is not coming true, I think it may because I am so frazzled and unsure about it when wishing it. I need to get a little more clear, but there is JUST SO MUCH TO WISH FOR RIGHT NOW my brain goes a mile a minute when the opportunity arises! I swear to God, I wish I could clone myself so that I could be my own best friend and personal assistant. We could all be wishing together, in unison the most perfect wishes and we would be the richest ladies in America with huge boobs and blonde hair!  Oh dear, excuse me for a moment, I have to go shut off the narcissist alarm –it’s going off in the other room.

You’ve heard your grandma say it, you’ve heard your school teachers nag it, you’ve heard your parents chime it, “Be careful what you wish for….you just might get it.” Of course the Rolling Stones always said, “You can’t always get what you want…” which seems to be an opposing principle, but I tell you what, they are right. “You get what you need.” 

Lately, I’ve been feeling overworked and underpaid –a feeling a thought would have no room in my life, after my last job in North Carolina. But now, it’s back to the daily grind with a schedule that has me tossing and turning, and running and leaping. My body hurts, my brain hurts, even my fingers hurt as I type this. I have 500 patients names committed to memory, am up on the office happenings from now until October but I haven’t even had time to go get my New Hampshire license yet. So, as my eyeballs get used to the fluctuating temperatures involved in either pouring freezing cold, solitary tears to dishing out warm, sunshiney smiles and hugs to our patients, I have been craving some more time alone to be at ONE with myself and you know, life in general. AKA get my latest and greatest hilarious life experiences updated on my Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Ok that last part was a joke, I hate all those things. I can’t delete my Facebook, however, because there is no other multimedia distraction in my life that allows for pictures of people’s sleeping cats, burping babies, and what kinds of latte they chose to order today.

Right as I wished for alone time…suddenly people were cancelling on me left and right (ok, so that is the less unusual sequence of events), and now my boyfriend is gone THREE nights in a row working ultra late (until midnight!) to make some extra dough for our happy pappy household fund. Which goes hand and hand with…

I walk around moping about how I have no money for days on end, putting my last three dollars from my debit card, into my gas tank, and counting out 1.95 in pennies to buy a Quinoa Health Bar at the health food store. Seconds later, I’m staying late at a report that we have for our patients in the morning because my co-worker’s son is sick, I have a marketing meeting that takes up nearly my entire lunch break, followed by an additional late night at work Thursday evening, and a later Friday morning than planned. Thankfully, my boss believes in rewarding me with free martinis after our Thursday night SURPRISE report. My friend needs me to work at the farm, and I was able to move TWO appointments so that I can fend off payments until next week. Image

Now I’m complaining about too much work and too much alone time! Haha!

I’ve spent most of my life wishing for something, running towards it and having my wish come true. Only to realize that I need to tweak my wishing just a bit in order to get what I really want. I’m a firm believe that what you seek, will come to you. If you are working hard to make it happen, and not resisting the many forms it may find you in. So now, for my next two wishes….


What, did you think I would ACTUALLY tell you what they were? Don’t take me for a fool 😉 


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