More than I Can Stomach

How healthy do most people consider themselves to be? I think as a general whole, the public esteems themselves in lofty healthy regards. That’s no matter what! I mean, that is if someone eats one vegetable a day, or subsists on donuts and coffee. They often still consider themselves in good health. That is however, unless they are ridden with disease or ailments. Until they begin to lose a function or capacity of some sort. That’s when human beings begin to question and alter their steps. When the way they are walking does not feel so good.

I recently posted on my Facebook the question, “How healthy would you say you are on a scale of 1-10? 10 being your MOST healthy and 1 being your LEAST healthy ever.” The answers I got were rather what I expected….

JD:  think I am the healthiest I have ever been. Not the skinniest I’ve been, nor the healthiest I could be… But the healthiest I’ve ever been! : )
September 25 at 6:43pm via mobile · Unlike

RMK Jr.:  7.8
September 25 at 6:56pm via mobile · Like

CT: 4.6…room for improvement!
September 25 at 7:56pm · Like

ECG: Wow, CT, you’re like the healthiest person I can think of!
September 25 at 8:37pm via mobile · Like

SAA: 9!
September 25 at 8:58pm · Like

WD: 3
September 26 at 9:09am · Like

SK: 9 because i feel great, i’m working out, i’m watching what i eat, sleeping well and getting adjusted once a month. =] i would be a 10 if my friend Emily lived close enough to share a baggie of kale chips with
September 26 at 11:15am · Unlike · 2

AP: 7.5…The lack of quality grocery stores in the South is my excuse. Oh, that and beer. Sweet, sweet beer.

ECG: Not that I should talk, I’m a 5 out of 10

The fact of the matter is, people tend to think their way is the right way until something happens that proves it’s blatantly the wrong way. As I’ve been journeying through some serious physical pains and turmoils of my own, I’m more inclined to side with those that clink their wine glasses together and proclaim, “To each his own!” If they like vegetables, let them eat veggies! If they like wine, let them drink wine. If they eat meat and cheese, let them grind their jawbones upon such bounty!

Why else does every study under the sun show this, that, and the other thing. It’s often not fair to me that people who break all the rules, win all the freedom in living and they get to have their cake and eat it too! I can’t tell whether I’m coming or going anymore! Of course, this is not a fast and hard rule. But that’s what I’m saying….it doesn’t appear there ARE fast and hard rules! So are we supposed to just do what we feel good about? Or should I recommend my high-fat, vegan diet to everyone and their mother’s too? To abstain or not to abstain? To hit the yoga mat or pound the pavement with my running shoes? Throw away my peanut butter? Fast until I am clean as a whistle? Wake up at 5 or sleep until 8!? Why can’t someone just tell me the flat out, good to honest, real, phoney-free TRUTH!!!!???

And that was how….the Emily Diet was birthed…

Giant Bowl


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