Have you Herd?

You know what I have always wanted? A twin.

In fact, I have some confessions of wishing I could be like someone else, or someone else could be like me:

1. I used to, and likely still would if they lived close by, go shopping with friends and pick out the EXACT same thing, always with the disclaimer “I promise we’ll never wear them at the same time!”

2. You know the faux pas of matching someone at a party? I love when people are on the same page with similar colors or styles at an event, in an office, etc.

3. I loved my uniform in school. I like dress codes, uniforms, dorky polo shirts that you’re required to wear, etc, etc, etc.

The odd thing is, is that as much as I like to be like my friends, I don’t really like people confusing me with people that are NOT my friends. Famous people, like Angelina Jolie, and Princess Kate Middleton, or even Mila Kunis…..sure, I’d take any of those. But, I don’t like to be thought of as an “American Girl”. Someone that just looks so familiar, or so girl next door, that you could be her, or you, or anyone else. I like to be like people. But I like to be definitively individual.

Steph and I

In my office, I’m always looking for common threads in what people have decided to wear. The ones that match me, I go ahead and mentally add to my “posse” for the day. I feel we’ve all connected on some deep, existential level in choosing our outfits in the same manner. The ones that are totally off from everyone (eg. one girl is wearing black and everyone else is wearing their leopard print body suits and stilettos) I tend to ignore and write off as “not on my frequency”. They talk to me, and I don’t listen, I don’t reply to their emails, and I “decline” all of their meetings on my calendar. Only joking about that last one. 

I’m listening to a book on CD right now that talks about being on the same frequency as others, and being on the same frequency as positive and loving things that are available to us in the world. Choosing THIS frequency over one of grumpiness, tiredness, frazzledness, irritability, the list goes on…..will surely bring you UP and improve the things that you are bringing into your life…while I wasn’t 100% on board with this train of thoughts. I have been just DYING to put it to the test and try it out for myself. I WANT it to be accurate and to WORK for ME! That’s also why I bought seventeen lottery tickets tonight. I think I am definitely on the same frequency as Powerball and that $400 Million dollars might as well be a check with my name on it, now. Watch out, Prada, Gucci, Armani, and Kate Spade. Oh yeah, not to mention that past due student loan balance.

Today three instances occurred that made  me second guess and wonder if maybe there is something to it after all: 

1. 6:00am I parked my car after going to the gym this morning, and jotted down a few things I had in my mind to do: call the doctor, set up my car for a timing belt appointment, pay a bill, email my friend Anna. All of the sudden, as I was looking at the word “Anna” in my sleepy haze, wondering if I had accidentally written “AAA” twice, an email alert heralds me from my phone and lo, and behold, it’s an email from none other than my friend Anna!

2. 2:45pm I was at work and humbly bumbly dumbling my way through, when I’m thinking to myself how this woman I’ve been trying to get a hold of for days, has yet to email me back. For another reason altogether, I began writing her name as a contact in the letter I am drafting for my boss, “Melis….” at that exact second, the phone rings and it’s HER!


3. 4:37pm I’m about to call it a day, and get ready to brave the nasty traffic, but I first decide to write tomorrow’s to-do list. On the top, because I have to start this project, was to email a man about where I could find a particular spread sheet that he regularly updates and has created. As I was writing “Rebuilds and Remodels Spreadsheet”, he calls at that very instant! I got to verbally ask for the spreadsheet, which as we all know, is FAR BETTER than the old-fashioned email.

So, that’s all. I don’t know if I believe in coincidence or not. Part of me wants to believe in signs and symbols. I do like the idea that we’re all connected and on part of this wonderful beautiful herd or pack, and naturally drawn to those who are in our clan and that are supposed to be a piece of our personal puzzles. And part of me thinks I am a phony baloney hoo ha for thinking so.

Only time will tell…..and meanwhile: there’s always room for dessert. Those were the only two cliches I could think of for tonight. That’s all folks!




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