I Spelt that Wrong!

It’s time for some graphic and real updates from your hostess. The kind that make sweat and blood ooze from your pores, your stomach churn, furrow your brow, and cause you to shake your head in amazement and thank your lucky stars that you don’t have experiences of shame and suffering equal to my many blunders.

So, my new life is upon me indeed! One morning I am sitting around twiddling my thumbs trying to kill the ample hours I have before I go to work selling Organic Mattresses and pillows full of wooly bolas that EWE would probably really like….and when I open my eyes from that peaceful slumber, I am waking up at 5:00am, going to the gym, and rushing here there and everywhere all day long. Rather than selling health and wellness, and a good night’s slumber, I’m sitting behind a company that sells people beer, cigarettes, phenylalanine, and partially-hydrogenated EVERYTHING oil fructose corn Monsanto syrup. Ah yes, and energy drinks.  With my new job, my world is completely flipped! Even down to the fact that I most definitely am NOT ALLOWED to wear flip-flops to work anymore. What’s a girl to do? This is what I’ve been wanting! What I’ve been NEEDING! I do what I have to, I go for, headfirst, plunging in face remarkably leading the way, and hitting the water long before the feet.balancing

Talk about head over heels. I LOVE my new job! I love staying busy and the work I get to do is a perfect combination of everything I’ve ever done up until this point. I love my boss, I love my co-workers! I even love my desk! It’s like the culminating of magic, mixed with Honey Nut Cheerios, and well, other such things that probably would make my stomach hurt to eat. But they’re yummy.

Speaking of yummy, so is coffee. I’m back on that juice. You know, coffee has this way of making things, er, regular, predictable. So, I sort of fell back into it’s lap like an old, apologetic lover swearing never to leave it again. Though, secretly, I’m hoping to kick my habit to the curb again.

I exercise less, have at least one piece of chocolate a week, sit more, and have only one night a week to myself in which I spend doing things like, blogging, and catching up on bills, and emails, crossword puzzles, scrabble, and other such things which I have written rigidly into my day timer. Ie. more sitting.

I gotta tell you, I am starting to unravel. But in a way, the unravelling is the Easy Pass to the path that which will ultimately build me up and make me stronger. I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel like my true self soon! I think.

In order to be this super-charged, energetic, put-together, organized executive assisting guru which is characteristic of my identity, I have to really commit myself to routines, and staying on top of things. Not to mention, my own personal things. Like making sure I go to the bathroom everyday, have time to shower, pick out clothes to wear, eat breakfast and get out the door in a peaceful manner so that I don’t pummel into the daily 6-7 car pile up on the highway. I also have to figure out ways to decompress myself and make sure my stress doesn’t keep me up all night. Spelt Flour is now on my list of “no’s” (I just found out it’s not gluten-free!) along with it, the disappearance of my favorite morning rituals, as are a few other things I’ve found I have to steer clear of while letting my abdominals experience anxiety, else I find myself doubled over in pain crouching beside a copier machine.

All this to say, what I do miss is my creativity, time to write, my three hour walks, the time I set aside for myself to just unfold and run with a random idea. Now, my head unfurls for hours before anything creative rolls out, and by the time it has, my fingers are too weary to jot down the dictations inside my brain. As they say….when one door closes, another door opens. I can truly see how everything requires SOME sort of sacrifice. No matter what you choose, you are giving something up. Let’s see where this ride takes us, shall we. Wine

I don’t miss feeling a lackluster, uncertain, dull, energy and scraping by the skin of my teeth hoping that I can afford lettuce and a can of black beans and still have electricity to turn that into fat-free, black bean hummus for dinner.

The job description is essentially, “Taking Care of Business”: booking hotels, making travel arrangements, checking for grammar and spelling, giving trainings and presentations, I’m sure there will be some Amelia Bedelia moments to share with you. With respect to the utmost of privacy and confidentiality.

I’m also sure that you will get a big earful on the weekends. I simply wanted to explain my absence, apologize if anyone is mourning over my loss of words (don’t worry, I am too!) and say that “I’ll be back!” as the experiences transpire. Be ready.



4 thoughts on “I Spelt that Wrong!

  1. Emily, Good luck in your new job! We were disappointed that we didn’t see you when we returned to the Organic Mattress Store to make our purchases. At least I can keep up with you here on your blog! Best wishes to you! ~Debbie

    • Hi Debbie! I was just thinking of you and your family because I was wondering if you eat me and if you folks are on the Paleo diet. I saw your paleo pancakes recipe and really wann try it! Joey and Vicki told me you went back in. So happy that you did! I still work for them on occassion and stay in touch with them. Vicki likes your model of homeschooling she told me. Thanks for the congrats the new job is a big lifestyle adjustment but a good step indeed. 🙂

      • Emily, I do eat meat, but only grass-fed grown by my special farmer friends or online. . Grainfed meats cause issues for me because they are fed wheat. How about you? I’m extremely sensitive which is very limiting. I find it is important for me to eat meat to get amino acids and zinc that are needed for healing my body, I hope you get to try the paleo pancakes.

        It is nice to hear the kind words about our homeschooling choices, My husband and I enjoyed meeting Joey and Vicki. They were so helpful and patient teaching and listening to my questions. The organic mattress has been wonderful for my son and He loves it! We purchased a bed topper, too and so funny the first night I had such a good nights sleep that I passed a kidney stone! No joke! It had been hanging on for months. My husband said the price of the bed topper was probably better than the hospital would have charged for removing it. Haha!

      • I’m just starting to bring some animal products back into my diet! I’ll let you know how it goes. I would love to know if you know of a local farm that does free range chicken and eggs and/or grass fed other meats. I’m glad the mattress is working out for your son and those toppers are indeed heavenly, so that is DOUBLE the great news!!!

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