The loathed weekday for most, I usually look forward to Mondays. I enjoy catching up in what was lost of my carrot-eating admist the indulgences and festivities of the weekend, I like burning away at the gym to set the week off on a good note, and I enjoy organizing and establishing my plan for each and every upcoming day and event as a fresh start. Today however, was a completely different story. To start, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Literally. I was in the middle. Then, I ate breakfast and conducted my morning routine as usual but when I got to the gym I felt like I probably should have left the six bags of marbles that I put in my pockets before I got there, at home. I could barely move I was so exhausted and despite the fact that my more in-shape, better looking arch nemesis was working up a sweat on the treadmill and getting thinner and fitter and better looking with each step and calorie she burned, I heavily and wearily took my bones and dragged them home to shower and finish getting ready for work.

After cleaning up, I still had a half hour but for some reason, being at home was boring me so I left early and tidied up the work place before starting the day. I was fortunate to get there so early as the delivery driver had conveniently ALSO arrived early and took away some mattresses to help make yet another family’s life organic and Blissful.

After he left, I decided it was time to do a little follow up work from yesterday, which took me all of two seconds.

Then I played a Scrabble word.

Looked through everyone’s ultra boring Facebook statuses….honestly…not a single one caught my eye today. Everyone’s Monday must be as dull as mine I thought.

A customer came in with two demons…er…I mean children… and kept me occupied for a few minutes; I realized I need to add “free babysitting” to my resume, as my services were utilized this morning while she conducted her business elsewhere.Flatline

She left and since then. Crickets. Not as in the game “Cricket”. No, no, that would be far too exciting. In fact, likely even HEARING actual crickets would’ve been more exciting. I got so bored I ended up chewing through an entire pack of gum and drowning myself in glass after glass of water.

You know, I used to think that I NEVER got bored. Because I never used to. Today though, despite having little things to do here and there, and even with the wide world of the Internet at my fingertips, I couldn’t keep my brain from straying to complete and utter boredom. In case you’re wondering, that looks like the picture to the right.




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