The Days Blur On.

Coffee Quitter’s Status Report Day 3: 

Blood Pressure: 92/59

Pulse: 61

Weight: 103.0

I had a headache for a majority of the day today and waking up felt like someone was taking a hammer and smashing my eyeballs into the wall as if they were nails with which to affix photographs, rather than useful optical devices. I made it to the gym and for a walk, out for a couple errands and I ate a lot more than I usually do. All healthy, but still probably like 20 more carrots than my usual allotment. I kept telling myself I needed the veggies to get through my melancholic funk. I’m like a horse in that way, just stick a carrot in front of me and it’s motivation for carrying the heavy, and rich pompous burdens of this world.

After the mowing, chowing, huffing, puffing, moaning and groaning, I went to the chiropractor to whom I confessed my sins while he un-subluxated my vertebrae. Then I drove to get my paycheck, drove to the bank only to find out the universe is pouring rain on me and I couldn’t deposit a post-dated check, so I gave two deserving, harder-working-than-myself individuals a massage. Did a load of laundry, planned my life for the next three weeks and made a cup of tea. All in a day’s work.

I thought I would never make it, after the third hour of the mallet pounding, I thought I would break down and hand my credit card over to Starbucks. But I made it. Piece of cake, rice cake that is. It’s 7pm and the cravings are gone, although I’ve eaten six times my body weight in sweet potatoes and olive oil, but I feel pretty good! I feel like I am going to be able to wake up refreshed and virtually toxin-chemical-poison free! Although I did take a swig of ant killer today, just to see what they were all up in arms about. Not as bad as one might think, tastes like Tang.

This would be a lot easier if I had my favorite Charlotte restaurant’s organic, raw, fruit and veggie juices….



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