Tuesday Museday

Have you ever Googled the words “Coffee Poison”. You should do it! Wow. You’ll Learn About Some Messed Up Stuff.Com.Org.Gov #WeirdThingsHappenEveryday @Crazyness.edu


FYI, all the hash tags, @’s, and .’s meant nothing just then. I just get carried away with ensuring that the ever-neglected top of my keyboard does feel so left out.

I usually love Tuesdays. I start my day off with breakfast (a weird buckwheat pancake-like thing that no human being besides myself would ever find desireable), a ridiculously strong cup of coffee, and maybe some carrots. I doddle around on the internet and in my house, vacuum a little here, scrub a little there. I workout all morning, take a walk around the lake, get any errands done that I need to do, eat a hearty and ever-so-nutritious salad for lunch, give my eyebrows a good pluck or two. Then I shower up, put on my Tuesday best and head into work around 2pm, work until 7pm. Then I trot, trot, trot downtown to play Trivia at Napper Tandy’s with my boyfriend and his ex-roommate (tragic breakup, which I won’t make you privy to the details of. Again, a joke, they are still really good friends and I am the one that split their cohabitation apart).

I usually stop to get a coffee on my way to work so as to keep myself agile, alert and awake for the most sleep-inducing hours of the afternoon (2pm-4pm). This Tuesday however, is a little different. My bosses are out of town on a beach trip until the end of the day, so I am responsible for opening and closing the store. Considering I didn’t even open my EYES until 7am, even after pounding my pillow at 9pm on the dot, there was just no way I was about to attempt another workday without the use of coffee. It’s brutal to attempt to withdraw from something when you’re stuck in 1,000 sq. feet. I can’t imagine how they do it in jail cells with things that are truly addictive, and not simply in their heads like my addiction to caffeine. Starting a detox/quitting something is also not a smart idea when you have to actually function. So my new resolve is to ween myself off slowly and allow myself the week to feel the pain and anguish of headaches and withdrawal. Conveniently, I have Wednesday-Sunday for this to take place. I have no where to be, no one to see, and nothing to do for five days straight. Which is how long I believe it will take for me to be completely freed of this addiction.

We’ve already purged all of the coffee out of our house, and so I had to physically pick one up on my way to work. I’ve calculated that by quitting coffee I will save an average of 20-30 bucks a month! That is almost $240 a year! Another perk! My mother quit coffee now and did so fantastically, although now she has figured out a way to allow it back into her life; I don’t think it gives her nearly as many problems as it gives me. To each her own.


Now, initially upon creating this blog, I was going to attempt an experiment where I would drink COKE or Diet Coke for several days, just to see what happened to my body so I could write about it. I have a pretty “clean” system so it would’ve made for a fun time. After this morning, I am no longer going to attempt such a murderous feat. After just eliminating coffee for ONE day, and then re-introducing it to my blood stream today, the effects were quite noticeable and noteworthy.

I instantly felt more creative, more positive, more friendly and chipper, less-than-ravenously-hungry, and I had more energy than a bull on steroids, in a china shop. The energy was lying just beneath my skin, pelting through my blood vessels like a hail storm. It was all I could do not to accomplish EVERYTHING. And I nearly did. I wrote a letter, wrote two blogs, emptied all the trashes and cardboard to the dumpster, vacuumed, washed all the headboards of the beds in the mattress store, swept up the outside corridor, connected with more people on LinkedIn, studied all of the first 17 presidents, finished a brochure that I was working on, edited everything I’ve ever written, had a meeting with my bosses and co-worker, followed by a lovely chat with same said co-worker, and ah yes fine-tuned my resume! All in about an hour and a half. Ok, so that was my activity for the day. But still.

In giving in this morning, which I actually feel like may have been necessary considering I have a nine hour day AND then Trivia tonight… I’ve  strengthened my resolve to put this pattern aside. It was good to notice the feelings that came up and see that I like this energetic, creative, hyper side of myself, BUT I do not want to rely on something to make me feel or act a certain way. I want to come face to face with who I truly am, own her, and be her. All the time. Less ups and downs. Spikes and falls.

So was Day 2 a failure or a success? I think more so, the latter.

I also found this great chart showing what our body needs MORE of in order to combat various cravings. I’m glad salad is my favorite food:

To Diminish Cravings For Have More Have Less Substitute
Sugar (cakes, cookies, pastries, candy, ice cream) Whole grains, baked yams, squash, apples, dates, cooked fruit Meat, salt, dairy products Frozen bananas (for ice cream), desserts sweetened with barley malt, rice syrup, maple syrup
Alcohol Complex carbohydrates, vegetables, corn, leafy bitter greens Fats, salt, miso, soy sauce, animal protein Nonalcoholic beer, fruit juices
Coffee Vegetables, salad Meat, sugar, flour, grain, salt Grain coffee
Salt Seaweed, black beans, vegetables Sweets, fats, alcohol, meat, grain Natural soy sauce, miso (small amounts), herbs and spices
Milk Products Leafy greens, whole grains, beans, fish Sugar, baked goods, fruit, meat Tofu (small amounts), nut milk
Fats and Sweets Protein: beans, fish, chicken, eggs Grain, fruit, salad Try to eliminate from diet

The last little slurp for today, a short anecdote:

I was walking out behind where I work to put up the sign, as well as discard some cardboard boxes in the dumpster. There was a man out back, wearing faded camo pants, a mesh baseball cap (like the John Deere ones but a knock-off, no-name brand), and a tatty grey sweatshirt. He had in his hand a soda and I jokingly said, “Too bad it’s too early for a beer, eh?” This was at 9:38AM. Then he replies, in a very incoherent way, which made me realize he, like most people are not listening to a word I say, “I just needed somethin’ a get uh ma goin’ thas’ mornin’.” Then I look and realize it’s a Budweiser, not a Coke. #FiveO’ClockSomewhere



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