Something to Gnaw On

After some YouTube loitering and general online “surfing”, I have recently become awakened to the trend of people keeping public diaries and exhibitions of what they’re doing. This includes what they’re eating, what they’re buying at which store, how they wear their clothing, styling their hair, whether or not they’re having a bowel movement, and whether or not their bowel movements sink or float. Fascinating stuff, really. The data mediums include, but are not excluded to: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, blogging (I, too, am guilty), YouTube, SnapChat, Vine, Pinterest, Twitter, the list goes on…youtube-logo

Coupled with this not-so-new-phenomena is reactionary commentary, which comes from sociologists, reporters, other bloggers, other YouTubers, other Facebookers, other Tweeters, etc, etc. You read about the current generation’s love for self-broadcasting in TIME magazine, ThoughtCatalog lists and narrates all the signature moves of the people, your own thoughts and opinions swirl in your head, ever questioning it, and you see the evidence of our self-celebrity-izing strewn all over the place.

As I mentioned, I too am guilty of this, thinking people want to hear what I have to say, or read what I am writing. When, in fact, they are perfectly fine just enjoying and thriving in their own lives, reveling in their own health, love, happiness, and freedom. I would rather not bombard someone with my incredible revelations as to what I think makes for a more abundant and wonderful life. That being said, can I really better another human being? Where has human connection gone and what is it’s place? I will return to these questions in a moment.

Like a majority of people have done, I have designed my blog to highlight and share about various places, ideas, recipes, techniques, services, etc that are AWESOME. However, really, what I am trying to say is, “Here is what I find AWESOME.” Here is how I got flatter abs, here is how I exercise, here is how I eat, drink, think, talk, act, pee, wash my faceIn reality, I am the last person you should be taking such advice from. I can’t stop eating bread, and when I eat it, I self-bash myself to pieces and crumbs. I have brilliant ideas and then procrastinate until tomorrow, until tomorrow becomes four years down the road and I burned the bridge to get back on the highway. My complexion fluctuates between being Desertreminiscent of explosive Mount St. Helens to the parched Sahara desert. I don’t drink enough water, and well…quite frankly, I just had a second cup of coffee.

Now, granted, my life would be slightly more thrilling than the average person’s because well, because well, it’s all about ME! And I did consider posting my daily ab exercise regime as well as my own personal weekly Grocery Haul. However, as far as the whole self-promotion, I want to avoid becoming victim of this, and thus, I straddle the line of whether or not I should have my blog be just cold, hard research content. Dry, sawdust like material that makes you choke. Or perhaps a study on the modern man and society and an open share of observations and insights. That could all get really old fast. What if I just work on trying to attract those with similarities and differences that magnetize to my writing? What if I do nothing at all?

I suppose what does not get old is our inborn desire to share in the lives of other human beings; to read something we connect with that is being written or posted. We like things that resonate with us. That’s how we change and grow. In the technologically-opinionated, overly-stimulated, idea-laden world in which we live, how can we make this happen in a real way?

1. Touching Hands Touching Hearts. If you’re the type that things hugs will change the planet, this is for you. The practice of helping people through physically doing something for them which will help make their lives better is a wonderful one. If an individual is devoid of a community in their lives, finding a support system to which they can go when they need assistance can be a challenge, indeed. It truly does make a difference in people’s lives when we are not scared to actually REACH out to them and give them hands-on love. Whether that be bringing your new neighbors cookies to warmly welcome them, helping someone move across town, or giving someone your attention and a listening ear. Being physically present with people can make a huge impact in their lives.

2. Turn it all off. This is the option where you can make your world much smaller than it is. Removing yourself from any unnecessary social media and focusing on the world around you. For example, rather than try to stay connected to your 8 Billion Facebook friends from here to China, shrinking down your scope to involve only those who you are truly involved with. Same goes for staying in and out of other people’s business. You can ravel yourself up into anyone’s world, even without being invited. But the way to truly make your actions, words, thoughts, ideas intentional and meaningful is to limit who you share them with to a smaller audience. Perhaps one that your similarities and differences align more thoroughly with.

3. It’s not all about money. Since moving down here, I’ve struggled to find true connections with people who do not just want my money or have no real interest in anyone at all. Today,  I went to the chiropractor’s office which I have been going to for a few months now. Let me preface this by saying, I’ve worked at SIX chiropractic offices. SIX. Three of which truly cared about the patients they were working with and had an interest in their lives and paid attention to DETAILS, and were there for their client’s health and wellbeing. I have yet to find such a good doctor for myself. In fact, the one I have been going to still has no idea who I am, or what I do for work. Despite the fact that I make them privy to this information on a weekly basis. It’s almost gotten to the point where I wish they would stop asking me questions, because answering the same ones over and over again when you know they just see you as a dollar sign is as draining as squeezing the pus from a pimple. As a server in a restaurant, I tried not to let this feeling come over my patrons. When you’re eating out, if you want attention and your server just puts on a circus or show for you, you are more likely to perceive the experience as unpleasant. If you’re wishing to be left alone and your server tries to get all up in your grill, you are likely to perceive the experience negatively as well. So, servers, nationwide and business folks, take heed. Pay attention to what people are saying to you and read them from there. Uh oh, here I am going on with my little list of “do’s and don’ts”, “shoulds and shouldn’t”.

Hopefully, if I’ve accomplished what I aspired to do, this blog as gone in a complete circle with no answers given, nor conclusion drawn, nor real thoughts invoked. That’s what I intend to do. Leave the ball in your court, because I don’t want you taking it out of mine, and I would never do that to you. As I continue along and write about my thoughts, experiences, miraculous findings, and opinions in this blog, I’m going to simultaneously refrain from ever telling you that my way is the right way. Because here is the only truth I know to be true, everyone is different. Some folks are fast, some are slow. Some need 8 hours of sleep a night, and some need 4. Some say banana, some say apple.Then again, maybe that’s not even the truth, we could all be very much the same. What do I know?

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