Dosha Chatter

I’m running through the streets of France. My heart is racing, I am working up quite a good bit of inferno heat in my core. I reach my destination, take off my boots. My pulse is taken, “Pitta. All Pitta,” He declares.

I’m at a Holistic Nutrition Workshop, I am walking down the stairs to get a cup of tea before the second half of the day. There is an Ayurvedic practitioner, she has no idea what I am. lakshmi

I’m on the phone with my good friend Sarah, she tells me I’m Vata. She sends me an email of information telling me not to eat this, and yes to eat that, and that milk is good for me, and….

I’m sitting at the Holistic Nutrition Workshop again, I’m avidly listening. He is telling me fruit and vegetables solely. They’re the best. Little to nothing else matters. Alkalinity and Acidity. Avoid proteins. Moderation in everything. Even moderation itself.

I’m in an interview with my boss, he tells me that organic is pish-posh. Swish-swosh. Wish-Wosh.

Millet is good. No, it’s bad.

Eat eggs. Eggs cause acidity.

Avoid alcohol and coffee at all costs.

Do what makes you happy.

Exercise fast. Exercise slow.

Don’t eat fats. Drink Olive Oil.

If you’re not well, when I’m out of balance, when we’re “off”….

Here’s what I want to do. I want to help people be able to hear their own bodies over the chatter of what everyone else is telling them. So they can HEAR their own voice and be sick no more. Is there a job description for that?

Be well.



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