You Look So Familiar!

Have you ever stared at someone for an unusually and uncontrollably long extent of time because you think that they look like someone you know? I usually just take all the mystery out of it, by somehow embarrassing myself and asking if they are from France, New Hampshire, or were they perhaps in that movie I just saw last night, some far off land because you know… they simply MUST be the person I am thinking that they are. How do some people have such dopplegangers? Is there that much of a lack in unique genes? Is the world so plain and mundane that even an individual has another individual that depletes their complete and total individuality?

Recently, I told one of my customers that I was waiting on that they looked like my friend “Antonia” in New Hampshire. Toni is one of my best friends and the the resemblance was STRIKING. Days later, I see my best friend Stephanie’s doppleganger at my gym. Now, let it go on the record, neither of these two people have I EVER seen someone that looks like them. Probably because I am so close to them and familiar with their features that I am able to write off any similarities between them and others. I liked to think that they were so ultra-unique, like ME, that a look-alike version of them simply did not exist.

People are constantly telling me that I look like so and so, whosie what’s it, and she’sie whose it. It’s so weird. I swear there is an Emily doppleganger on every corner, in every city, in every film, it is almost cause for depression. Am I like everyone else? I am nothing special nor unique. As hard as I try to stand out, to build myself as my own magnificently different empire, as much as I think I creatively weave my words in my brain and make new silly scenarios and sentences, and tell myself hilarious newly invented jokes, as much as I develop my laugh into my own classic cackle, I blend in like a raisin in California. (Side note: did you know that raisins can cause renal failure in dogs?).

Last night, my co-worker, who in fact does NOT look like anyone I know, challenged me by telling me to try something completely new in my life. Every Day. She said perhaps the reason I often feel down, at work, and about work, is because my day, my life, is the same everyday. Little does she know, I don’t even have a set routine yet where I feel like there is room to tamper with it and create newness…but I still want to take her up on the challenge, because I think she may be onto something. The problem is, I’m nearly two hours into my day and have not yet begun my project! I still ate a rice cake for breakfast, I am here sipping coffee and writing my blog, commenting on that which has been commented on a million times. I am about to go to the gym and climb the stairs of the Stairmaster (not to be confused with “Stare Master”) for the same amount of time as always and work out the same abdominal muscle I’ve been cranking away at for months.

Fortunately, my phone updated itself this morning and so it took all the effort out this “finding newness” task for me. Now, I can sit back, and melt into the boringness of my routine…..

Not to worry, there are some upcoming events on the horizon that are bringing a little spark of excitement to my days. I’m going up North soon, there are visitors coming here, a Bridal Shower to attend this weekend, and I get to see my parents in a few days! So maybe to break up the monotony of today,  I’ll spot a new look-alike, perhaps have four cups of caffeine today instead of five, or dye my hair blue. Maybe some new junk mail will come addressed to me rather than the tenant before me! The options are endless.