The Years in my Day

Time is such an oddly, inconsistent, and irrelevant, yet totally necessary, created standard by which we base so much of our lives. This morning for example, it’s ten to 8. I’ve accomplished little to nothing thus far today except for eating an apple, a half a banana and drinking a cup of black tea. I wrote out my to-do-list and I’m now at a coffee shop soaking in a little free time this morning before I get these loads of laundry underway and run myself ragged on a treadmill for a good hour or so. Yesterday at this time, I had already gone to the gym, eaten breakfast, showered, cleaned my apartment, had my coffee and checked my email, made a quick purchase at the drug store and laid out my plans for the rest of the day.
The same number of items are written on both to-do-lists –today and yesterday, the difference is the amount of time I have to get each of them done in, the amount of time I watch sail past me as I live in this strange time warp of a universe, where time seems to be the most sensical thing we have, and yet it makes no sense at all.BigBen

Working seven hours can feel like nothing when you break it into two even segments. Yet somehow working just three hours feels like an eternity in the making. The minutes on the clock rolling by as you wait for that metaphorical bell to ring and set you free. Five minutes at a red light can be a make it or break it allotment of time, yet five hours spent in a car can seem of no consequence at all in getting where you need to be ON TIME. A song drags on forever when the radio is playing the same awful drudgery for the fifth time in a row. But scramble as you may, you can’t identify the artist of this song that you LOVE, even though you’ve had an entire 3:51 to do it.

How much longer do I have to do this? How much longer am I allowed to do this? It’s only been an hour! It’s already been an hour!!! Will this day ever end? I hope this day never ends!

Another time-altering activity is to recollect where you where at this time last year, two years, three years, etc ago. Where were you on this day when you were 20? 30? 40? It will rock your world and make you see time in a different light.

The more I get to thinking about TIME and the passage of it. The more I see the world as a very interesting and fundamentally, a playground. A playground for our minds, bodies, and therefore a place where we have the choice to exhibit our freedom to go down the slide, or run around panicking about the steep incline and danger that lies therein. Those monkey bars wait for no woman, here I come!


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