Beautiful Thoughts

Yesterday, while getting into the shower, I realized I was holding my dry towels in my hand….needless to say, they were not dry for long.

I did happen to make it out the door in 30 minutes flat, hair styled, make up done, and pants almost all the way buttoned, and in time to get an oil change before work, the highlight of my day. When I get excited about an oil change, I feel like this is it. I am venturing into the waters of adulthood. Another step in the aging process. When you no longer care that blowing your nose in a public place will make your nose red and gross, you just recognize the need to expel the mucous in the way that it was intended to be expelled. When you get out of work at 8pm at night and rejoice because bedtime before 10pm is plausible for once!

Here is the worst though, and the primary purpose of today’s posting. Yesterday, I had a brilliant thought. I mean, truly truly brilliant. Probably composed mentally with the most elegant of intellectual prose. Devised to surpass even the most brilliant of brilliant thoughts. One that combined drama, risk, hilarity, and philosophy in it’s every word.

But I can’t remember what the thought was…..

Hello 26-year-old Alzheimer’s.

Oh well, until I remember it, please laugh at this absurdity:



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