Hard Work Makes Me Lazy

Lately, I’ve been valuing the principle and idea of hard work. This sometimes involves working 12 hours a day with a high monetary goal in mind. Sometimes it involves running from one job to the next with an apple between my knees while driving and balancing a few coffees in my right hand to bring to my co-workers to they will like me more and I can get on their good side and be portrayed as a super-nice, uber-funny, sweet, fun, all-around, American gal! Sometimes I get to bed at 8pm and I’m out like a light, but not like a night light because those are not usually out. They are usually on, or else their entire purpose would be moot. Mute? Moot. Other nights I can push my energy to surpass my wildest dreams, and stay awake and literally RUNNING around until 12am. I see faces and they blur together, so many people look familiar, it’s almost like I am living in a dream. Profile

So, today I am sitting. I just sat at Starbucks for an hour, checking my email, playing scrabble, thinking about the life I wish to create. I’m going to sit here for ten minutes more as I write this blog. I’m going to do my laundry, get together with my charming boyfriend at a coffee shop, drink a Pellegrino and sit some more, go to work for four hours and possibly spend a majority of THAT time sitting as well, maybe laying on some of the mattresses as I “demonstrate” them to customers. I’m going to get out of work and go out to dinner and do something really lazy, like say, sleep. I think I earned a day of rest, but I’m not sure. I just know that working all the time and then not working for a day makes me just want to be slothful and minorly unproductive (aside from the laundry and working). It’s like when you pursue the American dream, your down time becomes TIME OUT.

I think that is why so many Americans go out and party every FREE moment they have. Every night is a holiday because they are busting themselves to pieces and shreds with an inefficient energy expenditure of a rat race.

So yes, I want to be slothful and lazy, but in all honesty, on the flip side, I LOVE hard work! My name means “Industrious” for goodness sakes! If I structured my own schedule, everyday would contain actual HARD WORK that was just fun and footloose and fancy free. I could do it everyday all day and feel so great about it. It makes rest feel like you have truly earned it. And then time off would feel less like a sick day and lucid nightmare, and more like a dream come true.

Just musing.


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