Mattresses R’Us

Where was I one year ago today?

It’s a question I like to ask myself when times are tough, or when times are good, when I’m happy, when I’m sad. So, basically, I just like to ask myself that question all the time though I usually forget. Today I remembered and in reflection backwards, I see giant icicles hanging off of roofs and my frozen solid eyelashes. I see leg warmers worn out of necessity rather than fashion, and I see a rather uncomfortable, back-stabbing mattress. Actually, there are two of them. When I was in the mountains of France last night, living like a mountain goat and prancing about, I had to sleep on WORLD’S MOST UNCOMFORTABLE MATTRESS. That’s right folks, it was literally a strip of cotton lightly stitched around a couple of randomly strewn springs and maybe some nails or swords stuck in there for good measure and extra support.

I remember when I first arrived, having trouble juggling my insomniac tendencies with a timezone shift and often sleeping through my obligations and duties. Struggling to stay present and awake in a time that was so often slightly less than warm and cozy. All the while, maintaing optimism and clinging to hope, staying focused on that which brought my joy and smiles through my many many lonely tears. For a full synopsis and plot-spoilers, visit my other blog:

Where am I now? I am sleeping on a VERY comfortable mattress. And furthermore, I think this will get even MORE comfy because I am going to eventually work my way up to purchase one from the place I work. The Organic Bedroom.  The learning curve of this fabulous new job has been exponential. I am already learning about the way the typical mattress is made, which literally are cranked out a dime a dozen and made with PETROLEUM gasoline! For those of you who liked the smell of gas when you’re mommy and daddy were filling up the tank as a kid, now you can have that same scent in the privacy of your own home EVERY NIGHT while sleeping! I’m not going to bash Serta mattresses or put the fear of toxic chemicals into anyone, I’m just going to say that through working here and learning more about doing things a better way, that is free of chemical flame retardants, a mattress with no dangerous off-gassing. I’m simply excited to be learning about how to help those who want to make positive and healthy changes in their life even more. And this is just the beginning. ChangeWorksMag_the OrganicBedroom_Jan2013

Because we all have sleepless nights, days that we eat too many Girl Scout Cookies, moments we get the Sushi Blues from too much soy sauce, and cry lonely tears because we spend a 2/3 of our lives working and the other 1/3 sleeping and do not get to see the ones we love more often….

I guess I am right where I was last year, I am in a place where I want to help others improve their lives. I truly believe, despite what Olga at Starbucks says, that life can be “Peaches and Cream”. I’m going to cling to this hope and dream despite what comes my way.

These bags under my eyes? They are innovation in the works.


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