Can I Make You Think I’m Pretty?

The power of the mind is supposedly much more untapped and expansive than we even know. I’m somewhere on the fence right now in regards to this body of thought. Which perhaps means my brain power is being used less than the average rocket scientist. Or perhaps the balancing act, the teeter tottering, is giving my brain a workout like none other.

I want to believe that being positive and speaking positively will make things happen. Books like “The Secret”, “The Magic”, “The Power of Thinking Big”, “Think and Grow Rich”, “French Women Never Get Fat”, “One Fish, Two Fish”, pretty much every book out there, even my all-time favorite fairy tale, “The Alchemist”. Personal trainers remind me, life coaches, psychic citizens, senior citizens, chiropractors, my best friend, and my boss all give me the gentle tug back to reality that what I am portraying is coming back to me. Maybe that explains why all of my customers the other day were CRAZY and NEEDY! Surely it was them and not me. When you stress, others can feel it and they stress. Supposedly the same goes for anger, love, joy, and depression. Is this a universal frequency transmission or common sense? When you feel ugly, you bring that out in your persona and those around you perceive you as less attractive. And here is a no-brainer, when you are thinking you have no money, you have no money!

The reason I have yet to believe this is bi-fold. Not to be confused with “billfold”, (though I am always thinking about it being full). First, I am a pessimist, I think. I tend to believe good things will happen for others, in fact, I even am disillusioned enough to lead the horses to water AND be convinced that I can make them drink. I think I have some magical pixie dust that allows people to flourish if I can just help them a little. But I want one of those people to work their magic on ME! I want someone who just being around them makes things happen for me. A money fairy godmother, a magical princess that will make it rain cute shoes and clear skin. A job offer that blows my expectations out of the water, a friendship with a pilot that will transport me and a friend to anywhere we want to go. Am I wrong for asking what I want?? Are any of us? How much is attributed to luck? To having the right friends? To have a high tech sense of intuition? And finally, to thinking positively? The other reason I am skeptical is because I don’t like to believe anything without knowing for sure. And how can one prove what the true cause of an event is in reality? Was it going to happen anyway? Was it someone else’s brain contribution? I would hate to think that something I banked on was just a bunch of hogwash like Agway or the Kirby vacuum salesman. Is the Universe out for our good? Does it even care? Does it hurt you more to be positive or negative? Why or why not? These are the essay questions I wish to answer. IMG_3202

Just the usual, you know, unfold the meaning of life, nothing crazy –all in a day’s work.

So I’m putting it to the test. I did this about a year ago, and it worked. I made a vision board about going to France, what I wanted to do there, I imagined what it would feel like, I packed my bags. Next, I announced to everyone that “I’m in Love” and sure enough it all began to happen, and I couldn’t ask for any greater love. But that could’ve also been because an object in motion is really hard to stop. I don’t even know if I am really alive to tell you the truth, so I am about to test some of these things out.

1. My self health analysis / stomach. I eat extremely healthy 6 days a week. But all too many times, I screw up and I beat myself up until the cows come home, and they NEVER come home cause I don’t eat beef! My stomach will hurt, my skin will get nasty, and I will feel like I could sink even the Titanic with the heaviness I feel. So if I tell myself positive things about such instances, will that improve? Will it utterly vanish? If guilt is transformed to gratitude will I reap the same repercussions? Test. #1. Let’s see how the Universe answers it.

2. My job. I’m currently looking for a job. So if I boldly proclaim, “I LOVE MY NEW JOB!” Or even say what it is! Or even think about all the cute outfits I will get to wear, does that mean something will happen? I did just get an email asking me to come in for an interview as I wrote this. Let’s see where that goes. Test #2. This one we will put a deadline on, December 25th. Merry Christmas TO ME.

3. Feeling pretty even when I don’t. Let’s face it, ladies, gentlemen, some days we just feel plain old dastardly. Does this have to happen? If I walk around thinking I’m as pretty as a Princess Kate will I be pretty as a petunia every day? Test #3. Not as easily provable. But perhaps I will just feel it?

4. Staying Warm throughout the Winter. When I am cold, I become an Ogre-like vampire werewolf whose primary goal is to increase her body heat via massive intake of ginger tea, cayenne pepper, sweet potatoes, and seventy plus layers of wool, fleece, cotton, thermawick, goretek, dermaloft, primasoft, etc, etc. If I think I am warmer, will I be warmer? This one might not be worth my effort. When you’re cold, you have something to talk about no matter what. It really has the potential for some interesting conversations….about the weather. I might be giving the Universe to great a task, scratch this one and bring on the argyle gargoyles.

Here goes nothing. Well, let’s just say, for the sake of the experiment: Here comes SOMETHING!!!


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