Can You Puke Up THIS?

Ever look at your checkbook at the end of the month, or your empty wallet for that matter (because, let’s face it –who balances their checkbooks anymore? Besides of course, me, that is) and wonder where all that hard-earned cash money went? We all have a list of the big, breath-taking, awe-inspiring, usual bills and expenses. Cars, gasoline, food, running water, heat, electricity, smart phones, internet, cable, shoes, credit cards, paying back your student loans, dentists, dog food, downloading songs on iTunes…the list goes on. But then there are things that we spend money on, little things here and there, that go virtually unaccounted for. Coffee at Hoity Toity Latte, a 12th plain black tank top to add to your collection, because you walked out of the house wearing the wrong thing (not that I know this from personal experience), a Field and Stream magazine that catches your eye while in line, extra stuff you purchase at the grocery store because you went shopping while hungry, a movie you decide to rent because you have nothing else going on a Wednesday night, all those drop-in yoga classes that have you standing on your head whilst pondering why money is falling out of your pockets, and of course, a glass of wine, a bottle of wine, or a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, because what else does one do when “The light is on” and the donuts are fresh and hot??

Without using any actual examples of what a person may frivolously spend money on, so as not to offend my audience and potentially hinder them from continuing, I’ve given you this list to try to explain and prove my point that often times, it’s the littler things that take a BIG chunk of our payday (and I don’t mean the candy bar, although that could probably be added to the above list). Because of this, we put off things that we may really want and love. I personally, have needed a purse and a pair of sneakers for over three months now. I could just break down and get these items, but for some reason, I wait until the end of a week and then find I have no money left to make these purchases. I always seem to have money for a random trip to the chiropractor, a CD I want, a book I need to read, or gas to attend some unplanned event. I put other things first. For me, it’s raw-vegan-delicious-delights from work, or a REALLY expensive cold-pressed juice, or another pair of colorful tights so I can feel 16 instead of 26. My boyfriend has also noticed this recent phenomena in his search for a mid weight coat. All of the ones he looks at that he is enraptured with, he finds too expensive to just throw the cash down for. But if he just had that extra forty bucks….

Consequently, the other evening, we were out to eat at a restaurant that will remain unnamed, in a city that will remain RALEIGH anonymous. We’ve been there before, without trouble, and this time we each ordered a tofu dish. Mine: broccoli and tofu, his: Pad Thai. Forty dollars later, we saunter out, none the wiser. Let’s just say that the restaurant was a CaTHAIstrophic experience and had our digestive systems feeling like a TYPHOON was racing through them for the next several days. Food poisoning? I’m not sure. But, I called the restaurant to let them know that neither of us felt as HOT as our dish was SPICY after eating there, and it was highly abnormalish to be throwing up while at work the next day after eating at a restaurant. The woman was very apologetic and offered to reimburse us (she also offered to send us a gift certificate, but I don’t think my body can handle losing another 5 pounds on the unsafe food expulsion diet). So, we have a check coming in the mail for the dinner we ate, and ba da bing, just like that….our careful budgetting error, and dining error, has been reset. Although, I can’t say the same for my stomach, check back with me in a few more days.

Not everyone can say that their girlfriend puked up a new winter coat. And yes, we learned our lesson.


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