Affordable Healthcare

This morning, I rolled out of bed, made myself a deliciously energizing sweet potato, avocado, banana and cacao smoothie and then danced off to the gym. I had planned to run today, but due to the rain, I must put off this endeavor and I am going to attend a yoga class instead. The same yoga class I did last night, a Deep Stretch Yin Yoga a wonderful way to de-stress and just allow the body to heal as it may.While attending last night’s class, my yoga instructor reminded us of the “deal” they have going on right now. If you attend 15+ MORNING yoga classes during the month of August, you get $50 towards any purchase at the studio. However, with each class ringing in at $15.00 a pop, this seems to me hardly a deal.

I have to spend $225.00 on 15 classes, and then I get only 50 of that back as a reward for yanking myself out of my beauty slumber at 4:30am for half the month?

It’s not just yoga, it’s the massage, the chiropractic, the organic foods, the really raw delicious concoctions…all this to help me unravel from the daily grind which consists of working for someone else so that I can pay for all of this expensive health stuff. If I were to cut all of this out, all the fruits, vegetables, running shoes, and dentist visits, not to mention my green algae clay mask and paraben-free vegan conditioner, what do I have left? Isn’t THAT health?

Answer me this, Ghandi! I’m hungry for raw spirulina crackers and the air is making me thirsty! Where is my Yogi chai tea and a meditative chant?

Is it just me or is it costing all I have to stay healthy? To stay standing? To stay grounded?

It’s not that I am stingy, I just have come to realize as of late that the price of health has been carefully crafted as a facade. I must somehow crack the code and break the pattern. Because while I might be alright striving along as I am, blindly chugging my Apple Cider Vinegar, so many others out there are not. I do not believe it’s fair that health has become a luxury that only the hoity toity and rich can afford, a commodity only for the posh. I also believe health is being bottled, canned, packaged, and labeled so that the price is right when really the answer lies in the grass roots and the very essence and simplicity of life itself.

Can you think of ways that WE can be vehicles to bring the joy, accessibility, and availability back into the pursuit of health?

That’s all my thoughts for today…off to go splurge on yoga and alkaline water cause Lord knows, I don’t want a break out this week!



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