Band Aid

Three days ago, due to an over accumulation of shirts that I wanted to wear and couldn’t because they were dirty, as well as my zealous attempts at wearing all of my pajama pants in a two day span, I had to do my laundry. As I was meticulously folding it and assigning each item to it’s proper location in my dresser drawers, I somehow managed to cut the pointer finger of my right hand to the point of blood gushage. I suppose when people say I am a sharp dresser, they mean it more literally than I thought. Was it the clean lines of my favorite button up red shirt? Or the killer color of my teal Icebreaker? My first aid training did not fail me, I instinctually reached for a pack of Band-Aids to avoid my ever pending fainting from blood loss. That did the trick and I left the blood flow constriction apparatus on until the next morning….

When it fell off…

In the shower.

I instantly began worrying that it would hurt when the water and tea tree oil soap poured into the wound. I braced myself for the second most painful experience of my life. I also expected my hemophiliacism to kick in and blood to spurt abundantly out of the gaping hole in my finger all day long, I envisioned rolls of gauze and ice packs being involved. Maybe even a trip to the E.R.?  Surprisingly, it did not hurt, and when I got out of the shower, there was no additional bleeding. Everything was A-OK. It was obviously time for that Band-Aid to come off and for me to expose my finger to some air. I had expected pain, but instead, I am finding that it’s just doing it’s own thing, and healing.

Possessing a mind that is rampantly creating analogies and comparing these random, natural occurrences to what is taking place in my personal life, I tend to over think even these small, petty things like Band-Aids falling off in the shower. So, I went ahead and did that very thing.

What is the Band-Aid in your own life? Is it that thing you’ve had on your wounds, perhaps too long? Sometimes they serve their purpose: to keep invaders from entering the areas in which we are most vulnerable, and to help you get through your one hour board meeting without dripping blood on the floor from the gash in your hand that you got while rushing to make it to work on time. I have Band-Aids like coffee, helping me wake up in the morning, reliable surroundings and situations that I can carefully control, little ways in which I nurse my ego after it gets injured, unhealthy habits and patterns for any area in my life that might become uncomfortable to me.

What do I do when that Band-Aid falls off? I panic. I fear that there will be pain. That it will sting. It might even bleed more! The cut is vulnerable and re-exposed to the world. But isn’t that, along with proper time and nourishment, how it eventually heals?

But with all things, it takes time. We cannot force ourselves, we cannot rush ourselves (like for example tearing that Band-Aid off of your knee too quickly), but when it is time for that little, protective force field to come off: SO BE IT! 

Yesterday I had a conversation with my dad over a delicious raw lunch at my favorite deliciously raw lunch place in Charlotte. He was saying how when people want to invoke CHANGE in their lives, there are three steps:

1. Find Discomfort and See the Need for Change

2. See the “Other Side”. What Will it Look Like When the Change Occurs? How Will Life Be Better?

3. And this is the step most often skipped / looked over / utterly avoided: TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Rip off the Band-Aid.

“When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.”


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