Four. Too Tired to Write More.

I think I am the most exhausted being on planet Earth right now. Maybe it was all the people-watching downtown today, or the dodging being hit with fireworks at the bus station; or perhaps it was rolling so many rice paper appetizers with mint sauce and plum jelly that wore me out. Whatever the case may be….I am looking forward to tomorrow. The Farmer’s Market! The sheer unpredictability of the whole day! And, oh the floor scrubbing and meal preparation, how I live to partake in thee. Oh wait, I have to get up ULTRA early tomorrow because the Real Housewives of Martha’s Vineyard are meeting the mountains of Chamonix at 8am which means…breakfast at 7!! Does my alarm even wake up that early? I’ll have to see. It better not wake me up in the middle of a dream, those are precious.

Today raced past me. So fast in fact that the only thing I really recall about are the extraordinary conversations that were laced throughout it. People all over the world uniting across the strange and unseen waves of the internet, people in Chamonix embracing each other with their words, connecting with a pure, unbridled desire to share in language. Personally, because I have gotten a bunch of weird stares talking to myself more often than not, my day was incredibly silent, but I somehow managed to find an abundance of conversations (verbal and nonverbal) to eavesdrop on…. making it all just sail on by. I may have even given myself a few lines of conversation, such as, “Emily, best to walk around the muck, not through it.” And, “Damn, Emily, this grocery bag is heavier than a grown child with a full diaper…next time, buy fewer lemons!”

The RHWMV (none of whom are actually married, nor housewives) had a wonderful day of skiing, spa-ing, looking at fancy soaps and oils, eating duck liver pate, and then indulging in conversations about wrinkles, men, and various illegal substances over dinner and wine. There were many other strange and unusual bonding rituals which transpired, although I’ve been Ya-Ya secresied and I cannot reveal them to you…the HW’s would never forgive me!

While they did this I cleaned, napped, walked, observed, talked with my fingers (not just my middle one), and cooked and then cleaned all over again.

I also figured out, after 87 days here, how to build a roaring fire.

My 5 minute debut came at dinner when I got to blurt out my life story, sing my song and dance, and balance my spoon on my nose. Then I tromped off to California King Size bed where I am sitting typing this, listening to what the rain is speaking to me, and observing the size of my arm muscles to see if I can write my next blog on why blogging is good for your biceps. I actually DO see a big difference from when I first started writing….I think there is some scientific evidence to this!

I really have such a fascinating life. I know you’re thinking the same thing. I have no doubt in my mind that tomorrow is going to hold a world of possibilities for each and everyone of you! (And since I am reading this proofreading for once, I guess that includes me as well!)

Sleep well, and for most of you: Enjoy the rest of your GOOD Friday!


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