Research and Development. And other Magnanimous Marvelous Monstrosities.

7 Days. In other words: One week, Siete dias, sept jour, un semaine, una semana, .25 of a month. That’s how long it takes for most wisdom tooth operation stitches to dissolve, how long it takes for milk to rot in your fridge, how long a teenager’s pimple lasts after picture day, and how long it will take me to kiss bread, cheese, wine, and all other edible threats to my flawless diet goodbye.

Today I buckled down and deemed it a research day. First I researched the back of my eyelids for way longer than I should have, then I researched by looking out my window and noticing that it was grey and cloudy. Then I learned Julie doesn’t adore oatmeal, and we also listened to some educational TedTalks on After breakfast, while I was busy researching Mason Jennings music online, Julie asked me to go to town to get the dry cleaning for Tom’s trip home….which, is/was TODAY.

You won’t believe this, I found a NEW way to get to Chamonix. A special, hidden path, where probably 6 or 7,000 others have gone before. I made it the entire 8km  in 38 minutes and with time left on the clock before the dry cleaners opened, I bought some apples, a sweet potato, some humous (which I am pretty sure is just CHEESE and chickpeas here), a Perrier, and a yogurt.

While sipping my Perrier, I thought about how if I could take a bath in ANYTHING, it would be Perrier. That would be awesome. These kinds of revelations do NOT happen everyday.

I picked up the dry cleaning, caught a bus just in time (11:07am), and took note of all the great ski attire the people on it were wearing, while I embarrassingly sported a pair of too-big running tights and droopy old lady socks. This observation awoke within me the bloodthirsty covetous shopper that I just recently put to sleep. But since I had no money on me and the US Government holds my purse strings at the moment, I put aside the idea of rummaging sales racks and stared straight ahead.

After seeing Tom off, and making a scientific comparison of the level of snow when he first arrived as opposed to now, I went inside and did some job-hunting, and future dreaming / inner searching researching. This probably will end up being a very profitable afternoon for me, and I just won’t find out for like a month or so. In the meantime, lots of executives are pouring over my resume as I write this, wide-eyed, waiting for that moment they can pick up the phone to hire me for my dream job. Which of course involves daily mountain hikes, all-inclusive pass to a yoga studio and day spa, and a really flexible schedule in which I rarely work and mostly lie in a hammock and tend my organic garden, and run, and bike, and……

Ok, I’m done, I realize this one needs a little tinkering with to get it just right. I also didn’t actually send off a single resume today, so it’s unlikely I will get hired for “Hammock Basker Extraordinaire.”
I also researched how many people are reading my blog everyday and I’m happy to share that there are about 25 everyday. That makes me feel special, considering I didn’t even knew 25 people even knew my name! So, since you’re reading this right now, I want to throw out a personal “THANK YOU” for sticking with me through the thick and the thin.

The last and final research project actually was part of the resume variety. As I was re-writing pages upon pages of my extensive, high-tech, professional and lofty job experience, I realized “Chalet Girl” sounds a bit…iffy. I was looking for other titles for it (Premier Residential Hostess for International Ski Enthusiasts, Alpine Facilities Manager, Gourmet Chef and Toilet Bowl Scrubber, Chalet Preparation Princess) when I stumbled upon articles about other Chalet Girl experiences. These articles were written because of this movie that just came out “Chalet Girl” (which I actually watched when I went to England) and curious minds / fellow researchers wanted to know what this job is really like. Looks to me like all Chalet Girls agree with the Cinderella label, most just came equipped with a better haircut than me. 

I’m having a de ja vu right now, random fact, but I felt it was important for you to know. My dad is telling me to write “Personal Assistant” on my resume. I might just do a double title, there is no way I am letting this experience go unrecognized!

Now I am about to do some spy research and see who all of these new neighbors are…actually, scratch that. I am done talking to my neighbors, even if they are a bunch of adorable, harmless little blonde children jumping on the beds in the Chalet next door and choreographing dances to Madonna.

Here is to an eternally better tomorrow, and painting your wishes across the sky with shooting stars… and to making your TRUE thoughts and BEST dreams a reality.

— Emily —

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Trailer for Chalet Girl Film

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