8. Pampering, Fashion, and Winds of Change


The pictures you are looking at are our very own Julie Norman, sporting a size 0 pair of Limited pants. She is thrilled as the pants came from my wardrobe today as I was digging through finding clothes that I wanted to pack and clothes that did not flatter me. Those khaki pants were rapidly becoming my least favorite article of clothing, with my ever increasing long legs and their determination to become too short for me to wear. Neither Julie nor myself would have pegged us as being able to wear the same size, but they somehow fit her perfectly! I have a theory that I am “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” in human form, shape-shifting because ALL of my friends fit in my clothes, no matter what our size difference, and people are always saying I look just like “so-and-so” whomever that happens to be at the moment. I’ve analyzed this over and over, and the over-analyzed it after analyzing it over, does it mean I am not an individual? Not myself? Some plain Jane, nondescript being. I’ve come to no conclusion so I suppose, the point is….Julie fit into my khakis and it was good.

Next stop, changing of my ski plans for a surprise visit to the spa and thermal baths of St. Gervais. The most gorgeous ride and waterfalls of mineral baths that I got to plunge my brain into. I swam against the current and tried to get a good yogic workout while being massaged by bubbles and breathing in oxygen while watching jellyfish on a giant screen. Julie found the jellyfish to be soothing and mesmerizing
but I was on my guard for brainwashing by the jellyfish images. Every now and then I did some mental aerobics to make sure I knew which day and age it was and to make sure I hadn’t been transported to Mars while my eyes were glued to a screen telling me to “relax”. The spa made my brain go wild with ideas, dreams, and wishes about the future, maybe it was the calcium and magnesium overdose…. nevertheless, I feel it was a helpful experience.

After relaxing to the fullest, I had to shift from 2nd into 5th gear when we got home because Tom and Julie were famished birdies after remineralizing their skin at the spa and I was supposed to be out the door in a mere hour, when the cleaning lady was arriving. I jogged up the hill to meet my new ski shop friends for tea and a movie “Thank You for Smoking”. Then I ate my own personal, solitidiously random dinner of bits and bobs, had the last of the cheese I will eat forever here in France, and dreamed up the perfect way for tomorrow to unfold.

There is a storm rolling in so we might be in for some interesting weather. From here on out, we have some big stuff happening! Every blog will have you on the edge of your seat, I just know it. Kind of like how I was when Julie was driving today over her favorite bridge and Tom’s cellphone was going off perpetually and not able to be found. She did not love that. Meanwhile, I sat in the back peacefully not in the driver’s seat, rocking out to the Beatles that were singing in my head and watching the mountains roll by. They look so different from when I first arrived! 

Thinking of you, constantly and capriciously,
— Emily —


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