The Germans Say, “Nein”

Nein more days! I woke up with this feeling like today is going to FLY by. Ok, so maybe it had to do with the airplane that flew overhead waking me up. Nevertheless, I still felt I had better be prepared for how fast it would go and how wonderful it would be. There was much to be done today!!!

I have three friends with countdowns right now, one counting down until her son and his wife returns from the Army, one counting down until she has to leave a place she loves, and one counting down just for the sake of counting down because she read in Cosmo that it’s the “in” thing to do. I wonder to myself, mostly because the only other person to wonder to around here is my wall or pillow, “Self, why do I not count up?” It seems I am always trying to leave the past as far as possible in the past, to countdown to when “reality” will begin. When is the good stuff going to happen? Counting down until I see the light at the end of the tunnel. How many hours until I can uncurl from this ball, get out of bed and have my coffee?

Instead, maybe I need to be counting up for how many days I have had something amazing going on in my life for. Or count up my past mistakes and take tally of all the lessons they taught me. Count up how many hours I have been awake for, with my eyes fully open and ready to take on the world. It was this notion that had me waking up counting the hairs on my head, but I got bored with that really quickly.

I think in honor of April Fool’s Day, today I am going to trick myself into doing some counting up. These are all things for which I hope the numbers continue to increase!

Years I have been alive: 25
Hours I have been alive: 226,920
Hours I will have been out of the USA: 2,152
Hours since high school: 70,080 (approximate calculations)
Years I have owned a pair of jeans that I have had since high school: 8
Pairs of shoes I own: 651
Number of clean shirts I have left: 9 (Perfect!)
Average number of lines I recited in the many plays I have been in: 2
Lines in the wonderful chat I had yesterday: 509
Pieces of chocolate I have eaten in my lifespan: This info will never be disclosed.
Pieces of chocolate I have regretted eating in my lifespan: 1. Long story.
Number of blessings and abundancies in my life: More than I can COUNT!
Number of hugs I am looking forward to doling out when I come home: 651

I also counted up today how many hours I can nap, got to two and decided it was time to cut myself off. Then count how many steps it takes me to get to Argentiere to by to my Swedish friends Kajsa and Jarmon, who leave tomorrow. I am still trying to find the deeper meaning in meeting them. They told me today I have a “pretty nose” which I Googled and still do NOT know what that means….(hint: It does not literally mean I have a pretty nose, it’s a Swedish saying) I told you this day would fly, with activities like this on my plate….

Happy April Fool’s Everyone

— Emily —

P.S. We had a very nice dinner tonight, fancy, spancy, and I served one dude a soup with TONS of vinegar, I mean a chokingly large amount and he said NOTHING. Then I served at the end of the meal a berry buckle only it had like 2 strawberries and LOADS of CAULIFLOWER SOUP from yesterday…and the man said NOT A PEEP. These people are either A) Way too polite or B) Have zero taste buds or C) I suck at cooking and the rest of my food tastes just as bad!!!


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