11. A Good Day to Not Be Bald.

Today I woke up feeling warm, safe, and hungry. I began the day by taking immediate action to stay warm, stay safe, and abolish the hunger. I also happened to walk by a mirror which showed me yesterday’s hairstyle still adorning my head. “Not bad, Emily!” I thought to myself, I think I am onto something. No seriously, I left my hair in yesterdays slop chop all night and then twisted it into a French Swedish cornucopia and it ended up being magical. I wish you all could see it! What’s the point of a good hair day if I am the only one to appreciate it?

I did get to show it off to the ski version of Julie’s Bridge Club when we went out to lunch, which by the way it is ALWAYS warm enough now to eat lunch outside and that makes me very happy. Julie got me a kick-assical scarf in Mongolia and I wore it proudly. Good fashion can really make a girl’s day.

Because it was 21 degrees Celsius, I took a hike to get groceries for our Breakaway Kofta (which I made with beefers not lamb) and Sweet Potatoes.

Nothing happened of note during my walk to Chamonix although I did forget the pistachios I paid for at the market AND I also found an OLIVE bread which I am super, ultra, crazily, and unnaturally excited about. Not because I eat bread, but because I eat olives. When I worked for Nature’s Green Grocer, I used to eat all the olives out of the bread when it was sticking out of it (we certainly couldn’t SELL it like that!!!) And it’s thrilling to be able to do this freely, knowing that Tom and Julie like Swiss bread more than they like olives (that is, bread with holes in it).

Speaking of Swiss, we were checking Tom’s tickets for his flight home and they appear to be wrong on TWO tickets that he has. Each ticket is for the wrong date. Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this exciting adventure!

— Emily —



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