12 Days of Uh, Not Christmas.

Last week, on my return trip from Germany, I was rudely awakened from a wonderful dream by our plane’s landing in the Geneva airport. The dream was that I was flying on my way to Boston airport and landing at that very moment. What a jostle back to reality as I blurry-eyed-ishly grabbed my carry-on, the excitement too much to bear, I was the first to spring out of my seat and ready to run off the airplane into the arms of the rental car company when the pilot let my heart fall to the ground with his words, “Thank you for flying with Easy Jet, and wellllllcoooooommmmme to Geneva…”

I didn’t cry a river, or even a brook, but I did feel a little like Part III of this adventure is going to require a whole new set of tools. I know I have lots of pictures of me lounging and being a lazy potato but the life of chalet chic, apart from keeping up with the

fashion trends, is no day at the beach. Despite the lounging in the snow in a bikini and the daily trips to the spa, and being fanned and fed grapes –I really do miss my friends and family more than my Apple computer could ever express with it’s standard English alphabet. I can’t wait to get home and I am counting down the days until I depart. I am trying to remain present and focused in the moment, but at times it can be tough when I hit a sudden patch of boredom, or loneliness, fear, or sheer insanity.

I have been using my little blog as an outlet for these thoughts, when suddenly, things started to get way too intellectual and thought-provoking for the rest of the world, and since I am all about making people feel smart…I’ve attempted to keep my blogs at a level that makes for an easy read. But now it’s about to get intense, we’re going to count down, to embark into the next phase, which may not be so exciting…but at least it gives you an extra task for your to-do-list everyday. “Read Emily’s Countdown Thoughts”. Come on, I know you all just wrote that down everyday in your day timers for the next 12 days, don’t even bother lying to me and saying you didn’t.

12 Days.
Today I woke up to Tom and Julie racing off to an early morning doctor’s appointment. This meant I could wake up at my preferred pace of a tortoise rather than sprint out of bed to make it to McDonald’s to get everyone Egg McMuffins before they get out of their sleeping caves. I ate my breakfast in a peaceful way, cleaned the kitchen, dishes, bathrooms, etc, etc, brought the recycling out, vacuumed, drank my 30th glass of water, paused to twiddle my thumbs, washed all the windows, fluffed every pillow in Argentiere and one single one in Chamonix, opened my drawers and wished I had more clothes, looked at the wall, looked out the window, listened to music, read, tried to think about when Tom and Julie would come home and whether or not I should leave the house, decided against it, ate an apple, started to read again and really considered leaving for a walk of some sort, opened the door for Tom and Julie because they came home, made Tom tea and got him a cookie while Julie went to ski (love a good rhyme), fell asleep (I think), made Tom lunch, ate way too much of my own lunch of lentil chickpea soup with Greek yogurt on it, considered dwelling on the fact that it is sunny and 20 degrees outside and I have yet to have the opportunity to go enjoy it, decided it’s best not to think about it, thought about a bunch of other stuff instead and tried to send psychic messages to my friends, did my hair in braids, undid my hair, did my hair in braids again, took a hike to town to get the groceries, made dinner, sang along to the tea kettle, washed up, Skyped with Lydia Loo Hoo, read some more, talked to my close friend on the computer chatter, and prevented a second Cuban Missile Crisis via snowballs from the chalet next door.   I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, Emily had such a productive day.” But I kid you not, I accomplished everything in a matter of two hours (I might have even left some stuff out like brushing my teeth and practicing my self-love mantras in the mirror) and every other waking moment was spent wondering why I was even awake at all. I wasn’t bored, I feel it’s nearly impossible for that too happen –especially when I have a good book, some legs to stretch (my own obviously, otherwise that’s just WEIRD), and a wall to graffitti. But, one can only do the same things by herself so many times before it really becomes less of a routine and more of just time killers. Plus, now there are neighbors that can see into my window and I can’t do handstands in privacy anymore.
Bored people do not like to be thought of as BORING nor be accused of having bored minds, so, sometimes they allow their brains to make lists like this:

1. What is reality? This one is still bugging me and I have yet to figure it out. I’ll save it for tomorrow.

2. You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get. I used to think that the best things in life are free, those that come simply and easily, what falls into my lap, so to speak. Not always, but sometimes free things are well….just plain old cheap. The things we pay the highest price for are often the things that give us the most sterling quality, and they usually last the longest. Like the necklace I am wearing that I had to swim to the bottom of the Titanic wreckage to find; I’ve owned it for YEARS. We may find that when we put in the work and pay the highest cost (I’m no longer talking about CASH here, people) we gain the most back. And then sometimes we don’t get any return on our investments, or so we think. However, what seems like a dead flower bud may just be making room for new blossoms. Lesson and moral of this thought is keep sowing kindness, patience, trust, understanding and all those other virtues your mom taught you would get you places in life. And try not to use prepositions to begin sentences, that’s a tip that will get you even further in life.

3. Kindness. I’ve been thinking about this all day because I read two quotes on it this morning. Made me feel like committing some random acts of kindness! Should I offer some squirrels here an acorn or two? I made Tom oatmeal raisin cookies this morning…all in a day’s work. Oops, it was supposed to be anonymous! I will tell him the Tooth Fairy made them. 

Only 3 more hours until 11 days!
Time flies when you’re having fun!

— Emily —


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