Prove It.

Ever since I was a young warthog, I’ve had a hard time believing things other people tell me as the cold, hard, facts. It’s the reason I had to endure a cereal-eating experience with Half-and-Half instead of milk (because I didn’t believe my mom when she told me not to use the small carton of “milk”), and the reason all my cookies turn out like pig slop and duck barf (because I don’t believe the recipe could possibly call for a whole stick of butter).  It’s also the reason I sit here with probiotics on my face, and oil of oregano, and shea butter, and walnut oil, and avocado, and cucumber, and yogurt, and sea salt, and honey, and tea trea oil…oh, and a little toothpaste for good measure. 

Call me stubborn, I just like to think of it as a combo of resourceful, flower child, and determined. Today, I went to the doctor in town. I have spent days literally sitting at the dining room table for an hour trying to open my mouth wide enough to squeeze in a bite of yogurt, due to my lip chappage infestion mutilation treason anarchis (self-diagnosis) and have had enough. The doctor did some flashlight investigation on my lip, followed by taking my blood pressure and asking about my other various physical abnormalities. It took me awhile to convince him that I am just naturally really really tall, and it’s not related to the issue at hand. I have received the following THREE pieces of diagnosis/ advice for my present situation and I promise to share all the graphic details:

1. Cold Sore due to sun exposure
2. Bacteria due to sun exposure and chapping
3. Acid build up inside body causing acid reaction on mouth

It’s like the decisions we are presented with in life. Everyone seems to have a solution and a way we should go about tackling something. Who do you trust?! Do you follow the advice of your 90 year old grandmother who has seen a thing or too when she recommends a toothpaste that’s best for you? Or do you go to the naturopath and trust their recommendation of this 300 dollar pillow that is guaranteed to change your life?

I know sometimes we have to take people’s advice of what would be best for us. But it’s important to examine their intentions and make sure they are standing for the right thing. The truth. Whatever that is…

With all the promises and slogans that get your hopes up, that this will indeed be the answer to all of your qualms, quandaries, woes and wearies, how do you know what on earth is the truth?!

Whatsoever things are true? Well what is truth anyway!? Here is an excerpt sharing what Monsieur Thomas Mullins, the author of “Morning Prayers” and also the Harvard Professor who I just so happen to be feeding frog legs and cabbage streudel to while living here in France has to say about it (and yes, I am quite proud of that run-on-sentence):

 “Truth [is] distinct from lying -to ourselves as much as to others. It is a moral quality which enters into all human activities and takes on different names accordingly. Truth in education is called knowledge, hopefully leading to wisdom; in business -honesty; courts of law -justice. Truth in actions is called fairness and compassion; in giving advice -freedom from prejudice or manipulation. Truth within ourselves -is peace of mind.”

Isn’t it true that often when we are seeking the truth in a matter, it just takes a little time and VIOLA the answer is revealed!? Sometimes avidly seeking it out involves patience to test it for ourselves. Or listening to our own little inclination about what the proper path upon which to journey is rather that clicking on all those flashy internet pop-ups that say, “THE TRUTH YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR IS JUST ONE CLICK AWAY”?

I’m going to go wash this giant salad of oils and vegetables off my face and give acid sunburn bacteria lip addition another couple of days, to figure things out on her own. Maybe my lips are sick because they kissed their loved ones goodbye!!

If we put the qualities of truth first and foremost, it is not a guarantee of success. But it does allow for peace of mind, and quietness of heart that comes with staying true.

It’s Impeccable. And so are You!

— Emily —


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