Can’t Buy Me Love

This week is excruciatingly cold. Even some of the most erudite of skiiers are bunkered up in their homes, and trying to work up a sweat and get some exercise by making out on their couches (well, at least that’s what I can see that my neighbors are doing…since they’ve left their curtains open for me to observe said activity).

Despite my fingers tendency to lose circulation when exposed to anything below 45 degrees Farenheit, I willed myself out into the wild due to my belief that turning into a winter lover will somehow better me, burn off any bad karma, and make me strong and glowing. Since all of those sound enticing to me, I managed to carefully drape myself in no less than: one pair of tights, long underwear, running tights, snow pants, three shirts, arm warmers, a jacket, two hats, a scarf, a neck warmer, goggles, and oh ya, mittens with hand warmers inside of them… to take advantage of the opportunity to set sail to the ski slopes. The bus dropped me off at the most beautiful place on earth, where all I could think to do was grab onto the cold bunny slope bar lift and let it drag me up to the foothills of the mountain. I almost stuck my tongue out to lick the pole, just to see if you’re tongue really does stick to it in the cold….but I do have an undying propensity for my taste buds, and so my half-frozen brain quickly over-rode any experimental compulsion I may have had.

Despite my brain freeze, I was able to flip the switch and focus on positive things that I love, no matter where I am. It changed EVERYTHING.

‘My heart is so small, it’s almost invisible. How can You place such big sorrows in it? ‘Look,’ He answered, ‘Your eyes are even smaller, yet they behold the world.'”  – Rumi –

This activity was so invigorating and refreshing, I would even recommend it to the most staunch CEO as a method for re-evaluation.

Things I Love Here There and Everywhere:

1. The Farmer’s Market. Even when your fingers are so numb you can barely count your change. I love going to a Farmer’s Market where there are smiles spilling over at every vendor as people flock to support local economy and marvel at the variety of food that is from their backyard! The walnut oil I found at the market makes my heart sing when I lather it all over my head and face. Overall, it’s just downright GOOD for everyone! 

2. The long, glorious, freedom-filled walk from my house to Chamonix. Being able to walk to the next town just a dash away to run my errands. The sun BURSTING through the sky on these luxurious occasions! The ever-changing light and the incredible views that take the stage under the sky’s spotlight. And of course, I never thought I would say this…but walking in the winter in general, barring large St. Bernard dogs and avalanche threats… I LOVE IT!

3. Downhill Skiing. No, I am not selling my soul to the ski-monster. But I do LOVE the way it feels to fly down a hill of snow. I like the way my pores close up and and hope to soon become famous by promoting my new clear skin remedy for women. I am actually even anxious to get better at skiing, and it makes me realize my magnetism for challenges. Just don’t ask me to bring the activity up in conversation at dinner…chances are, someone already has.

4. Vegetables. I have already come to terms with the fact that I am not normal, and I certainly hope I haven’t given anyone the impression otherwise. My incessant love for cooking and eating vegetables is coming out now as well. With new vegetables like the Chou Romanesco to cook, and the old fall backs squash and onions, lettuce, and carrots to chop, dice, tear, and consume…who has time to pout!? Unless you spill the carrot juice, or are cutting onions that’ll give you something to cry over. 

5. Having the incredible people in my life who want to, and DO keep in touch, despite my distance! Knowing that my dad is coming to hang out with me just cause he is the kind of dad who will travel wherever I live to have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, or a quick ski down the Alps with me. I could not do it without the help, allowing me to remain built up and counting down until Spring, while somehow still remaining present and enjoy each day. That is what makes my face burst out into spontaneously combusting smiles at any given moment. I don’t have a picture of that unfortunately, because I haven’t yet trained the mountain wildlife to take my photo… but I am pretty sure I was smiling under all of this today:

With 80-Year Old Adolescence and Effervescence,



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