Title Optional

My day began with a few curse words, but since I don’t curse, I just started out with some random apostrophes and symbols such as: ! @ $ % * ) ~ See people, I really CAN speak a foreign language. I bet I could go to 80 countries, and no one could be brilliant enough to translate ANY of that. Back to my outburst of crassness, you’re probably wondering why an angelic species as myself would have any reason whatsoever to have a sudden influx of bad words come to mind. Well, it’s because I woke up late AGAIN. Yes, you would think kicking yourself in the head so hard that you have a dozen eggs on it ONCE was enough, but NO, I decided I needed reason to feel that brain throbbing once more. I woke up at 8:20, when Julie specifically told me last night, she wanted to have breakfast served by 7:45 so she could hit the slopes with all the vigor and vivacity of the Energizer bunny on a caffeine bender. Unfortunately, this time, I had another one of my famous excuses, I had woken up at 3:00 with a stomachache that I feel like would make child birth a walk amongst a forest of Dogwoods on a Spring day. Throw in an Anne of Green Gables, and that would be walking on hot coals compared to what I felt like. I fell back asleep around 5:00 am when I decided that being awake and enduring the pain is not worth the effort. Well, the good news is, it was just my body having a laugh at me, and it feels great now. The bad news is, that I stayed up for two hour fretting that my brain would burst out of my armpit and I would be on the next flight home on one of those stretcher-carrying helicopters. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t so cold. Hopefully the EMT’s would equip me with a blanket and some gloves.

After my eventful wake up, I scrambled…Tom’s eggs…for French Toast…upon his early awakening. I could make a funny French toast joke here, but I am not going to bother. I’ll let you try to read my mind and then you will burst out laughing I am sure. The toasting went so well, I decided to toast to myself and head to the Farmer’s Market with my newfound friends.

I would first like to tell you how we became friends. Last night, Julie decides to go get her hair done, and said it would be good for me to make friends. They dropped me off at a bar, which claimed to have live music, with a couple of Euro’s (P.S. beer is wicked cheap here) and I was equipped with my notebook so that I WOULDN’T HAVE TO make any friends. After a successful ordering experience –the bartender said my accent was really good and started having a conversation with me before realizing I knew nothing and was like every other brown-haired, brown-eyed American girl who can say “I’ll have what she is having” (name that movie) in French. As I was quickly ignored after that, I began writing in my little journal, “Dear Diary…hearts, puppies, flowers, balloons, stars, and pretty sunsets…” people began to filter in and I could feel my cheeks burning with nervousness that I would have to have a conversation. I got approached by the terrible two-some who asked if I was a writer, and then an artist (maybe it’s the way I can make these sweatpants I wore in high school look so chic…kidding…I would NEVER wear those out. They’re already worn out enough.) I realized they could speak English and I latched onto them like a barnacle to a rock.

From there, we became fast friends, they introduced me to their lady friend, and the dog, Scarpa, and although what I brought to the conversation was nothing much to rant and rave about, they offered to take me on their excursion to the Farmer’s Market today. Call me overly trusting, but I had an OK feeling in the pit of my arm, and so I marched my way over to the address, which I found almost all by myself this morning and the Farmer’s Market turned out to be a really great experience! I even saw someone else there that I knew! The woman that is the caretaker for where I am staying nearly walked right into me! Small world. It was really cold, but the market is exactly how I pictured it; although I hadn’t pictured there to be a really expensive bottle of walnut oil I wanted to buy and rub all over my skin, an urge I painfully and successfully resisted. I was not dressed properly for the -5 Celsius temperature (no surprise there) but thankfully, EVERYONE was cold so we left after about an hour of purchasing curries, olives, and fancy fruits and vegetables. I can’t wait to go back next week!

After the market, they took me back to the coolest Chalet I have ever been to…ok, so it’s only the second one I have ever been to. But it was really comfortable, and a place I pretty much could see myself spending the rest of my life at, so I bought it!!!
You can congratulate me once you catch your breath.

We sat outside in the sunshine and chatted for awhile, enjoying life in the moment. It occurred to me that often times, people will scramble and scrape in a valiant effort to try to make themselves appear more interesting, more noble, and more worth each other’s time. When really, there is so much beauty in every moment, every facet of life, and every person, that all we have to do is simply “Be” and there we are! There we are with the people we love the most, and who love us for every speck of our innards and outards (please note my accomplishment of making up a new word, aren’t I so interesting?). You are the most wonderful person that you could possibly be! That inspires me, like I am holding onto this secret little nugget of sterling silver that no one can take away from me, and I only have to show it to whom I choose; the people who are not going to point and laugh at it and tell me it would be better as gold. It’s so nice to just be yourself.

Back to that riveting story… at 3:17pm, I walked home, feeling like a day well spent. It had gone by so quickly! I unloaded the groceries, and proceeded to practice my interpretive dancing in my room, but was suddenly alerted that company might be coming, so I scurried to start yet another unsuccessful fire (it’s so weird because I was such a pyromaniac as a child and started hundreds of fires, I guess there IS balance and justice in this universe) then we ate dinner, which I secretly had McDonald’s deliver since I was feeling lazy, and now here I am…posting pictures and sharing existential nonsense in an effort to wear myself out so I can sleep and wake up like a normal human being.

I hope the rest of the world is doing terrifically and I miss you all like a match misses a candle. Not that I want to light anyone on fire, I just have a desire for fire right now.

Lots of XYZ’s and O’s,

— Emily —

P.S. Send Tofu


2 thoughts on “Title Optional

  1. HAHA! love it, your writing is the best Emma. i can picture everything and i am LOVING being in France with you. here is a phrase for you “j’adore la langue de Francais mais je ne parle pas (jun parl pa) la langue bien.
    i love French but i don’t speak it well. say it sweetly and with a regretful tone and people will be very gracious to you =]. i am glad to hear that you have made a couple friends and that they speak English. This is such a great experience, don’t feel bad if you come away from it not speaking French as much as you would like, you will come away with tons of other stuff. ❤

    • I say it to them! Je Parle un petite peux Francais, and then I said pardon like twenty times. I will add in the j’adore la language de Francais, that sounds really brown-nosey.

      Thank you for your TLC!!!

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