Across the Universe

Welcome to France, everyone! I brought all of my friends and family along with me, as everyone has poured into my life in ways that would make even a waterfall striving to fill up a shot glass jealous.

Today is Day 1.56 Although I can’t really distinguish it as much different than yesterday, or the day before, because thus far everything has blended together like the colors in the sunrise and cloud glaciers that I saw from the plane. I did not sleep for very long on the overnight flight, although I did manage to catch a few winks while standing in line to board the plane in London. And no, I am not talking about winks of the British male variety. While I was walking 7 miles to my connecting flight, I stopped to ENSURE that I needed to worry NOTHING about my luggage that had just been flying on one of the nine decks (warning for the gullible: exaggeration) of the 747 I just took from Boston to England. The man looked at me in a kind, reassuring way and said, “No need to worry about your luggage miss, this is NOT America.” I am not sure what that was supposed to mean, but it was good to know that I did not sit on a plane for seven hours, having my circulation cut off by the woman sitting on it, and rocking back and forth chanting to keep myself sane (while merely appearing insane to the naked eye), just to do a complete full circle. No matter how much I miss my family and friends, that is not worth the agony. Especially if you have any clue as to my relationship with sitting. I’d rather eat mud with a Twinkie under it.

I am here. I have set up my humble accommodations (humble as in, the view from the window would make a king feel like a pauper) to my liking. I am in search of a tack or some tape to hang up my dream board. Although I feel that while this is a dire need, it can wait a day; usually my dreams already take up too much of my headspace. Hence the nicknames of yesteryear such as “Rainbow” and well, I guess that’s the only one that comes to mind. But I don’t need to be focusing on chasing them when there is work to be done! Such as determining what type of blood type these people have, and what their sign is. I also have to explore this amazing town, hike every slope and slide down on my bum, visit the ice glacier, take the Aiguille du Midi to the top of Mont Blanc, tandem paraglide, and learn how to say “I need a sleeping pill” in French. The list goes on, but who is making lists? My New Year’s resolution was to “Go with the flow”. Good thing I broke that on January 1st, that one was going to be a real hassle to try to follow while paddling upstream. (Please excuse the excessive puns)

After waking up at 1am (I heard the French have good coffee and I need an excuse to become a caffeine addict so I am intentionally depriving myself of sleep) and not experiencing the grace with which my body could have let me fall back asleep, I spent some time connecting with the world (thanks to an adaptor cord provided by Apple and an internet password that took me an hour to translate in order to use). Then I did some yoga; the title of the series I did was “Withstanding the Pressure of Time”. I felt this one was quite fitting. It also went along with this cutesy (yes, I realized just used that word) quip that I read this morning:

“Did you know, that it’s perfectly OK, even highly ideal, to claim all is well amongst doubt and confusion? To be happy in spite of challenges? To laugh at problems? Dance without a partner? Sing without a rhyme? Talk to inanimate objects? Oddly, most don’t.” (Tut)

In other words, sometimes…we find ourselves living LIFE. Sometimes you’re on your a 747 surrounded by the masses, in tight quarters, sometimes you think the plane might be going down, perhaps you even find yourself….alone. We awaken to situations that are fun, wild, beyond our biggest dreams, crazy, and yes, even they have snags and hang ups that are quite beyond our control. But what if through these challenges, when life urges you to toss yourself on the floor in a crumpled heap, you meet it with a calm, creative solution. Dancing, Laughter, Joy, or just straight up writing a song, with sunglasses on like Elton John. I would recommend if you choose talking to inanimate objects you do it in the privacy of your own home.

Here is to your creating of the perfect blend today,
Lots of LOVE,

~ Emily ~


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